Travel Log

Gathering of Airplanes - Beck Fly-In

It was once again time for the Gathering of Airplanes. A tribute to the late Gerry Beck.  This was the 8th Annual event held at the Battle Lake, Minnesota airport.

The forecast was to be a great day.  However, upon awaking that morning the sky was completely blocked with a low lying cloud layer.  Ceiling not getting much more than 900 feet.

Spent most of the morning sitting around waiting for the weather to clear with no luck.  So Mckenna and I decided that since the ceiling was high enough, we could just jump in the plane and run over there.

Turned out to be a great event with lots of spectators and more planes that I had expected would come due to the weather. Spent a few hours and then headed for home.

Turned out to be a great day after all.