Travel Log

Wings of Freedom

The Wings of Freedom tour was in Fargo a few weeks ago but due to being out of town, I was not able to make it to the show.  However, they were also making a stop in Minneapolis at Anoka County Airport this last weekend so there was another chance.

The day was looking pretty good except for some strong wings so decided to make a trip down.  My daughter Mckenna and I headed off to the airport and make the 50 minute flight to Minneapolis. 

Flight was pretty good, few bumps down low and very few clouds.  Had a nice tailwind of 36 kts on the way down so went quite quick.  Unfortunately had the same coming home, now only a headwind, then landing winds of 26 gusting to 34 at home.

Spend a couple hours checking out the warbirds, B-17, B24 and the P-51c, grabs some snacks and headed for home.

The whole trip was only about 4 hours but was a great day to spend with Mckenna.