Travel Log

Trip To Denver to Look at other RV-10's

Over the last year or so a few of my good friends decided that after watching me build and fly airplanes that maybe this is something that they would also enjoy.  So each took the step and started their taking lessons for their private pilots license.

All three are getting very close to finishing up and would assume that each will be completed and a licensed pilot by the end of the summer.

One of these friends has been contemplating purchasing his own aircraft and immediately began looking.  During the last months he about had his mind made up on getting a Mooney.  However, after many conversations he thought that maybe he should also include looking at some RV-10's.  Why not, he is already familiar with how they are built and how they fly.

So anyway, we happened to come across a couple of RV-10's that were in the Denver area and decided to jump in my plane and go take a closer look at them.  The two of us departed from the Wahpeton airport about 6:30am and headed for Front Range, Colorado, arriving after a perfect 3 hour and 3o minute flight.

One we arrived we did find out that both aircraft were actually hangared at the same airport.  After spending several hours looking over each of the aircraft and doing a little flying in them, we decided to grab a quick bite and head for home.

The trip home was full of conversation on the two aircraft.  Discussing different options, what would need to be changed, added and removed.  Also talked in depth about the cost differences in not only the purchase of airplane compared to a Mooney, but also the operating costs.  Even with him not being able to do the condition inspection since he is not the original builder.  This discussion pretty much made up his mind on which aircraft would be the best fit for his use as it was perfect as is.  There were no major changes that he preferred and the minor ones are very minor.

The trip home was again another great flight, weather and ride was perfect.  After flying for 3 hours and about 5 minutes, we were once again back on our home turf, arriving at 6:30 pm.  What a very fullfilled 12 hours.

The next week was filled with many conversations about the airplane amongst us and the seller.  Did not take long and purchasing negotiations were underway.  A few days pass and we had flight arrangements with the airlines to go and pick up this new bird.

Three of us flew down and spent the day doing the inspection of the aircraft, build logs and aircraft logs.  Deal was signed and celebrated over some dinner.  The next day we arrived at the airport, said our farewells to the now old owner of this beautiful RV-10 and off for home we went.  We decided to stop in North Platte, NE for a quick lunch, talk about the next leg or our flight and I decided it was time to put the new owner in the left seat so he could be the one bringing her into her new home.  We arrived back in Wahpeton about 4:30pm to a group of friends and family to welcome us back.  It was a great day.

There was that famous RV grin as he had his first flight in his new RV-10.

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