Travel Log

EAA Hops & Props 2014

Over the last couple of months have only made a few small local trips and was needing a reason to get out of the neighborhood.  So last week when on the EAA site I saw that they were holding an event called Hops and Props.

The Hops & Props is a food and beverage tasting event.  The event is held in the EAA museum in Oshkosh, WI, which means you can be in the presence of very cool aircraft and drink various styles of beers.  What else more could a person want.

During the event you can sample over 250 different beers that are provided by micro-brewries,  learn about their brewing process and history. 

The forecast was for a perfect weekend so thought this would be a great reason to get away for a night so arranged for my wife and I along with some friends to head out for the event.  Saturday morning headed out to the hangar and did a once over on the plane to make sure it was ready for the flight.  Just as I was finishing Stacey called and said she was not feeling well and thought she came down with a case of the flu.  This would be here first ride in this plane and I think it was more nerves than the flu.

Was not real happy about it but decided that the girls would stay home and Tim and I would go and enjoy the event without them.

Flight to Oshkosh was perfect, weather was mostly sunny and had a nice tail wind of 32 knots.  Arrived in Oshkosh around 5:00 pm, checked into the hotel and off to the EAA Museum.  The Hops & Props event was very cool.  Got to sample a variety assortment of beers (some were not so good) and gawk at aircraft while the bands played in the background.

The next morning came, the sun was shinning bright and looked be be another beautiful day.  Took our time getting ready and enjoyed a simple breakfast then off to the airport.  The plane was stored in a heated hangar for the night so had it pulled out, filled with fuel and we were off for the trip home.

The fight home was very good just like the previous days but only this time we had a 52 knot headwind.  Needless to say it took a bit longer to get home.  But that was ok, just enjoyed the smooth flight and some great scenery.

Only been home for a short time, and already to take that next trip.  Pretty sure I can come up with something.

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