RV-10 #2 Options

Options and Mods that I plan to add to my second RV-10

Now that I have one RV-10 build under my belt, I am better prepared and have better idea of everything from the aftermarket world and personal modifications that I want to incorporate into this build.  Like before, the Vans Kit is just a kit and is a very basic plane.  I want something a bit more fancy and comfortable.

Below is a list that I have put together so far.  Will update as the build progresses.

Plane Kit

  • Quick Build for the Fuselage and the wings.
  • Exhaust - Going to try and use from Custom Aircraft Parts
  • Propeller - MT 3 Blade
  • Engine - Factory New Lycoming IO-540 D4A5 from Vans Aircraft.
  • Electronic Fuel Injection and Electronic Ignition system from EFII



  • Garmin G3X Triple 10" Display System
  • Garmin Servos
  • Garmin Yaw Dampener

Other Aftermarket Products