Read Me

Read Me

Hi Brian, 

It seemed like the most convenient and helpful way of communicating the loose ends of this section of your site would be to add this Read Me page here, in context, and add a few notes.

  • Above in the sidebar where you found this page, below the "Not Linked" area, you'll see a lot of folders that have a lot of pages in them. The ones at very top are related to the main pages linking to them, from your new "Construction Phases with Pictures" tab/folder. I've sent you notes about these and I think you'll be able to fairly well deconstruct the organization of this part.
  • Next there's a folder labeled "Are these needed?" and the question is mostly for you at this point. Along the way I sometimes found duplications or found what seemed like a better way to handle something, and so pages I'd kept in this folder were deleted. I've also filed away some pages that had early version of various pages, in case you needed anything there, or wanted to be reminded of something. I'd hate to throw away something you found useful.
  • The "Organize This Group" section is what remains. Now that I've whittled all the content down to these few pages, I'm seeing that some of these might need to go in some of those other groups, OR that there could be further duplications here. I may move forward with a couple of these, but if I can't efficiently figure it out without talking to you, I'll leave them here for you to do what you need with them. I did work out the questions I'd noted earlier related to Autopilot sections, so I've created those new pages, too. But these remainders were worth pointing out to you.

Beyond that, there's a single Template that I used for setting up the content pages featuring the gallery block. You can click that little cog beside it and duplicate the page if for any reason you should need a copy of that. However this may suffice. 

The end! Beyond this, I'll likely handle the tutorials and any other instructions in email. 

Cheers... and feel free to delete this whole page once it's exhausted its usefulness.