My Background

My Background

Brian in workshop. 

Brian in workshop. 

Welcome. This is me, in the workshop during RV-10 build number 1. Look totally excited don't I?

This website is dedicated to the building progress Vans RV Aircraft.  Currently 2 RV-10's and 1 RV-12.

I'm often asked what happened to make me want to build a Vans RV-10. So I thought I'd share some background here. I've had a lifelong fascination with airplanes. When I was 10 years old, I went alone to the airport to just watch the planes take off and land. At 14, I began taking flying lessons. Because my parents didn't support my hobby, I did this all on my own. When I brought my new license home, at 16, they started to believe I was serious and became more supportive in my hobby.

Austin Healey.jpg

Over the years, to build up my flying hours and experience, I did some air ambulance work with my flying instructor.  With the flight training ended with the completion of my Commercial, Multi-Engine, Instrument and Flight Instructor certificates.  In addition to this I also received endorsements to fly turbo props and Citation III jets. Then later, a local private company was looking for someone who could provide extra pilot services, so I flew their two planes for them. All along, I carried the idea of building my own aircraft. Really it was only a matter of time.

Because I've always loved working with my hands, I learned early to build things. It didn't matter if it was wood, metal... if it interested me, I would try it! As a child, I got into remote control airplanes, and later built some for myself. When I was a little older and more confident in my abilities, I built my own car. I had to prove to myself that I could build a car first. So decidedto build an Austin Healey Sebring MX kit.  If all goes well, then I could do the plane!

In October 2008 I completed my first aircraft, a Quad City Challenger. The entire project took just under 1000 hours. Since its completion I have had a ton of fun flying around the area.   It is a great feeling knowing that something you spend so much time and effort building, actually leaves the ground.


The first aircraft I built: a Quad City Challenger


Since I have successfully built one aircraft, I decided to take the plunge and try one a bit bigger.  OK, actually a lot bigger.  After much research I decided on the Vans RV-10.  Accepting my first shipment of the kit in May, 2009 (Kit #40955).

There was a lot of reasoning that went into my decision to build theRV10.  Two of the main things that helped in the decision:  First was that I now have a family of four and given the chance choose to travel by my own means.  I am excited to spend much of my time traveling to remote, fly-in parks, campgrounds and places that you can only get to by airplane (unless you want to jump on a horse).  The second reason has to do with another hobby, snowmobiling.  I spend much time traveling by vehicle to the Big Horn Mountains just about every other weekend through the winter months.  This takes me around 12 hours one way.   Getting myself into an RV-10, well, I can be there in a few hours and spend much less on fuel.  Crazy thought but true: it will actually be cheaper and faster to fly than drive.

This website chronicles the process of building this aircraft, and later I plan to write about the travels I'm able to take in the plane itself! It's been fun to connect with others with similar stories.

Regular visitors to this site will quickly notice the new design. Over the coming days and weeks you'll see even more changes. Among these, I'm changing my blog to a format that will allow visitors to leave comments. Please feel free to leave your comments! This site has given me a great platform for meeting other aviation enthusiasts and I love hearing from people who are on similar journeys. You might also want to check out the links in the navigation area; you'll find many other people who are building RV-10s here.

Very soon I'll be adding a subscription form on the site, so you can receive email notices when I've made an update to the log. Feel free to put in your email address and stay up-to-date!

Whether you are a builder of an RV or just a person with an interest in aircraft, I hope you'll find something to enjoy.