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Top Wing Skins

Started  April 5, 2010 Build Time 46  Hours

Took the time last night to read through  this section to see if there are any catches that seem to come with  almost every other step.  The only thing that I questioned a bit was the  sanding of where the two skins overlap but once I was there, not bad.   Once these things get on there should look like there is some good  progress happening.

To start was to locate the J-Stiffeners  that were fabricated in the first step of the wing construction.  Found  them and put them in place.  Then grabbed the wing walk doublers and  layed them in the correct location, took a few minutes to figure this  out.  Must be having a slow brain day.  Once in place placed the W-1002  top wing skin over them and clecoed into place along with the  J-Stiffeners.

This uses a lot of cleco's as I put them in  every third hole.  Good thing for the air cleco tool or my hands would  be shot by now.  Finally got both wings completely clecoed down and  ready to start final drilling all the holes.  You need to final drill  all the holes common the top wing skins and the spars, J-stiffeners,  wing walk doublers, ribs and the nut plates.  In other words, every damn  hole but the aft row that are used for ailerons and flaps.

The next step is the only thing that I  found was really a gotcha for other builders and probably would have  done the same thing if I had not looked at other builder sites.  This  pertains to the aft most  screw hole that needs to be dimpled for a #8  flush head screw.  The other one that may get a few and almost did me  was when you countersink the skins over the wing walk doublers, make  sure you do not countersink the holes that are common to the  J-stiffeners as the doublers do not go over them.  Anyway, got all the  correct holes countersunk and dimpled per the instructions with no  issues.  yeah!

Now that everything is final drilled, time  to disassemble so the parts can be deburred, dimpled, and primed to be  ready for final riveting.  Wow, do I love this step, it certainly has to  be by favorite. Who would not love all this deburring. (total sarcasm)

Primer has been drying now for a couple of  days and ready to get them clecoed back onto the ribs so that we can  start the riveting process.  Trying to figure out how I am going to do  this by myself, maybe backriveting.  Nope, seems that I need to find me a  buddy to help.  Of course my always will friend Scott decided he was up  for the task.  Hope he comes back after this, there are a lot of rivets  in each wing.

Well, Friday was here and Scott and I  started the daunting task of putting in the skin rivets.  Started out  pretty slow but eventually found a steady rythm and kept on bucking.   Intially thought this was going to go a bit faster but after almost 4  hours, we only had one of the wings done.  Time to quite as we are both  wore out.  Will finish next Friday afternoon I hope.  In the meantime I  am going to start on the leading edge pieces while I wait for help  again.

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