Build Log RV-10 #1

Blog for a Vans RV-10 Airplane Build

Fuel System

I started this section according to the instructions and soon made to take a different approach.

My decision was to change pretty much everything.  I started with purchasing a new fuel valve from Andair (part #EFS20x7-T,3/8) in addition to the Andair fuel pump (PX375B-40A-5-28) and fuel filter (FX375MK).  In addition to the Andair equipment, I also decided to not use the normal aluminum fuel lines and had some custom stainless lines made by Bonaco Hoses and Fittings.  The Bonaco hoses I had made run from the firewall with a different bulkhead fitting also from Andair down through the tunnel to the fuel pump/filter then up to the fuel selector.  Then two lines coming from the valve down to the fitting that runs through the tunnel wall.  Then two more lines, one for each side that run from the tunnel to the fuselage fitting.  I also plan to have two more lines made up that will run from fuselage to the wing tanks.

Utilizing the Andair fuel valve and extension, the Vans bracket had to be removed and a new one made.  I did use the same mount holes be made the bracket a bit larger.

Overall, this installation was very easy to install and looks really good.

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