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Bottom Wing Skins

This part was left quite a while back as I was not sure exactly what I was going to install for lights, antenna, pitot, AOA, Stall Warning, Autopilot servos, etc.  So, I think I got what everything so far that I want.  Even if I do not, I do have some options to get more wiring in there if needed.

I clecoed the bottom wings skins on and match drilled all the holes common to the ribs, main spar and rear spar.  The skins were then removed and deburred, dimpled and primed.  Also, the two overlapping skins were sanded down where they overlap to make a more appealing seam.  The wing ribs and j-stiffeners were then deburred and dimpled.

The j-stiffeners were put in place and then inboard skins were clecoed to the rear spar and wing ribs down to the j-stiffeners.  Starting in the middle of the skin, I installed the rivets moving to each side until the spar was completed.  Working down a couple of rivets at a time, I completed the riveting to the wing ribs, then did across the j-stiffener.  Once that was done, I finished the rest of the bottom skin off in the same way, leaving the double row of rivets that the outboard skin overlapps.

Then clecoed the outboard skin to the rear spar and starting at the designated point, I did the same routing as the inboard skin but this time leaving the 3 outboard ribs undone until last. Then worked one rivet at a time towards the outboard edge until the skin was completely finished.

I left the most inboard rib nutplates until last, these were then done and the wing bottom skins are finished. 

If you have anyone that could help with these skins, I think it would be very helpful.  I did all the rivets myself except for about 10 in each wing that my wife Stacey helped with.  Left lots of markes and cuts on the arms trying to reach into the ribs through lightning holes and under the skin.  Oh well, another section done.

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