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Bottom Wing Skins

This part was left quite a while back as I was not sure exactly what I was going to install for lights, antenna, pitot, AOA, Stall Warning, Autopilot servos, etc.  So, I think I got what everything so far that I want.  Even if I do not, I do have some options to get more wiring in there if needed.

I clecoed the bottom wings skins on and match drilled all the holes common to the ribs, main spar and rear spar.  The skins were then removed and deburred, dimpled and primed.  Also, the two overlapping skins were sanded down where they overlap to make a more appealing seam.  The wing ribs and j-stiffeners were then deburred and dimpled.

The j-stiffeners were put in place and then inboard skins were clecoed to the rear spar and wing ribs down to the j-stiffeners.  Starting in the middle of the skin, I installed the rivets moving to each side until the spar was completed.  Working down a couple of rivets at a time, I completed the riveting to the wing ribs, then did across the j-stiffener.  Once that was done, I finished the rest of the bottom skin off in the same way, leaving the double row of rivets that the outboard skin overlapps.

Then clecoed the outboard skin to the rear spar and starting at the designated point, I did the same routing as the inboard skin but this time leaving the 3 outboard ribs undone until last. Then worked one rivet at a time towards the outboard edge until the skin was completely finished.

I left the most inboard rib nutplates until last, these were then done and the wing bottom skins are finished. 

If you have anyone that could help with these skins, I think it would be very helpful.  I did all the rivets myself except for about 10 in each wing that my wife Stacey helped with.  Left lots of markes and cuts on the arms trying to reach into the ribs through lightning holes and under the skin.  Oh well, another section done.

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Fuselage Ribs and Bottom Skin

Started  February 5th, 2011

Located the F-1043 attach angles, separated them and attached with clecoes to the fuselage ribs. Countersunk the nutplate attach holes and deburred all the final drilled holes.

Gathered all the parts for the forward seat rail supports.  There will be two sub assemblies made which will be a right and left outboard forwards seat rail support.  Clecoed these parts together and match drilled.  All holes for the nutplates have been countersunk also.

Repeated the last step to create the right and left inboard seat rail supports>

I then broke apart the F-1042 clips and spacers which are then clecoed to bulkhead side channel. Final drill #12 holes along with the nutplate attache holes and countersunk them.

I disassembled all these parts and preped and primed.  Once they were dried I re clecoed them and riveted everything together.

Next was to cut out a portion of control column mount for both right and left.  Bolted the seat rail supports and the column mounts to the  forward fuselage bulkhead.  The column mounts then need to be positioned, clamped and the match drilled for the bottom two holes into the forward fuselage bulkhead.

Next step involves clecoing the forward fuselage floor ribs to the forward fuse bottom skin.  You need to study this a bit before match drilling to make sure that you have the proper orientation as it is not symmetrical.

Got them all clecoed and match drilled.  I then clecoed the subassembly of the forward fuselage bulkhead  to the bottom skin.

Broke apart the system brackets and clecoed to the bottom skins then match drilled.

I then layed the bottom skin assembly on the work table and positioned the firewall bulkhead assembly to it.  Inserting clecoes from the bottom up, clecoed the fuse bottom skin to the flanges of the forward fuselage ribs and the bottom flange of the firewall assembly. Match drill all the holes.

The forward cabin floor panels are clecoed in place and match drilled at this time then removed. Deburred all the edges and holes and dimpled.

Before clecoing the forward center section bulkhead assembly to the bottom skin, the center section side plates side channels forward fuselage bulkheads and systems brackets are removed from the bottom skin. Then match drill all the holes, remove and deburr all holes.

Next is to mate the mid fuselage assembly to the forward fuselage assembly.  Make sure that the center bottom skin fits between the forward center section bulkhead assembly and the forward fuse bottom skin.  Cleco together along with  center section bulkhead, aft center section, side plates and systems brackets.  And then final drill all holes common to the center bottom skin, forward centere section, and fuse bottom skin.

Now that all is match and final drilled, disassemble all parts, prepare and prime.  Once they are cured I attached all the nutplates and started to reassemble all parts.

All parts were riveted to the bottom skin and bulkheads were attached permanently.  The forward fuselage assembly was reattached and riveted to the bottom skin.  Center section was then bolted to the forward fuselage ribs.

I then mated the mid fuselage assembly to the forward fuselage assembly inserting bolts into the holes in the forward and after center section bulkhead assemblies and using spacers between the forward and aft center section bulkhead assemblies to ensure proper alignment of the center section bulkhead.

Finished riveting and bolting the remaining parts to the forward fuse assembly.

The next step involves the forward seat floors.  Started by breaking apart the seat floors and attach strips. Final drilled all the #19 holes in the seat floors and seat floor attach strips. Clecoed the floor strips to the seat floors and match drilled the holes between them using the seat floor holes as a guide.

All the remaining holes were final drilled and the nutplate attach holes were countersunk.  I disassembled all the parts, deburred, alodined and primed.  Once dry all nutplates were attached along with the seat floor attache strips.  Not that they are completed they can be set aside for later use.

The next step was to cleco and assemble the mid seat rails.  Did per instructions then preped, primed and did the final assembly.

The last portion of this section is to temporarily install the forward cabin floor panels and landing gear mounts for final drilling and alignment.  Got everything in place and final drilled.  I also match drilled the side plates and the landing gear mounts.

I then removed the floor panels and landing gear mounts, deburred and set aside for later attachment.

That concludes this section.

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