Build Log RV-10 #1

Blog for a Vans RV-10 Airplane Build

Aileron Trim System

Purchased the Aileron trim system and decided to get it installed in the wing before riveted on the bottom skins.

This was fairly quick and was straight forward.  Pulled out all the parts, cut them as directed, deburred all the edges and clecoed together for final drilling.

Got all the final drilling done and prepped all parts for priming.  While they were drying, I went ahead and ran the wires the the wing conduit to the wing root.  Only going to leave enough wire to get to the outer fuselage as I plan to put on a some bulkhead CPC connectors so that if I ever need to remove the wings, the wiring connections will not be an issue.  Also on the ends of the wiring, I am installing AMP connectors again so that the items can be removed and inspected as needed.

Parts are all dry now so I finished Riveting the items together.  The trim servo attaches to an inspection plate so that also needs to be measured for 8R8 screws that will go through the inspection plate into the bottom of the servo attach brackets.  These also need to be dimpled for flush # screws.

Now that that is completed, the last part is to attach a couple of brackets to the aileron pushrod assembly.  Got the locations marked per the directions and installed with rivets. 

The servo can now be screwed to the inspection plate and then springs coming from the aileron pushrod assembly can be connected to the arm coming off the servo.  Once those are on, connect the wire connectors and attach the inspection plate to the bottom wing skins.  Finished.

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Aileron Actuation

Started October 1, 2010 18 hours

The next step in the construction process is to get the bottom wing skins on.  After looking at others construction process and reading the the manual, it seemed that it would be a better choice to jump forward to the aileron actuation part first.  Seems as though it would be much easier to get these at least installed and set while you can still get into the wing.

 I am going to do the regular install of the actuation system and have decided to add aileron trim, so will be doing that install also before closing up the bottom of the wings.

Not much to say here.  The directions and pics are pretty straight foward.  The only thing to watch is to make sure that you put the torque tube in the correct way.  The small difference when drilling torque tube subassemblies make a difference.  If they are in the wrong way they contact the inner wing rib and does not allow enough throw.

I did finish up the ailerons and then came back to this step and attached the pushrods to the bellcrank and the aileron bracket.

This step is now finished.

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