Build Log RV-10 #1

Blog for a Vans RV-10 Airplane Build

Workshop and Tools

Well, I guess this is where it all starts.  In the photos below you  will  see where I will be spending the next ??? years working on my new   project.  This is a garage that I have in my backyard that I have set   up.

I purchased a few extra benches and worktables and thinking of adding  at  least one or two more.  As for tools, in addition to the tools I   purchased to build my last project (Challenger II) I ordered the RV   Builders Tool Kit from Cleveland Tools along with some extra cleco's.

This space will not be large enough to do the final assembly so will  be  moving to the hangar at the airport.

Now that my construction went into the 2009 winter, no more painting   outside or with the doors open to the garage.

So decided to  make a simple paint booth.  Used PVC and plastic for the  frame.   Inserted a couple of openings for fans and filters.

So far I  have used it about 4 times and is working great so far.  The  filters  keep all the paint dust out of the rest of the garage however,  the  smell is still a bit strong at times.