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Upper Forward Fuselage Assembly

Started 3/31/2011

Time to start a new section.  This one begins by fabricating a spacer, and angle and instrument attach panel flanges. Then cut apart the instrument panel attach flange into two.

Final drilled the nutplate attach holes and the #19 screw holes in the attach glanges.  Deburred, primed and then reiveted the nupates in place.

Gathered the forward fuselage ribs and final drilled the nutplate holes.  Deburred these holes and dimpled along with dimpling the nutplates. These also were preped and primed so that the nutplates could be riveted on.

Next was to bend the lower portion of the sub panel center.  Quickly done by clamping to the table with a steel plate.  Did the same 7.3  degree bend to the sub panel sides.

Took the ribs, the angles, sub panel center and sub panel sides and clecoed together.  The final drilled all #30 holes common to the parts clecoed.

I then removed the control cable bracket from the sub panel center, final drilled the screw holes and nutplate attach holes. Deburred, dimpled and primed.

Using a long #30 bit, I drilled downward through the pilot hole near the middle of  the upper firewall angle and through the upper surface of the firewall recess.

This whole panel assembly is then clecoed to the forward fuselage and match drill the common holes.

Moving forward I attached the instrument panel lower flanges to the instrument panel.  Flute angles between the screw holes and finally attach to the ribs and the instrument panel.

The forward fuselage top skin is then clecoed to the subassembly. Formed the hand hold doublers to match the contour of the top skin and clecoed in place. Once all was clecoed in place I match drilled all the common holes.

At this point I am stopping this section till a later time.  Have my instrument panel designed and instruments chosen.  So before I move foward I want to make sure I have the right dimensions and depths in case modifications need to be made to the ribs.


on 2011-12-08 22:29 by Brian Steeves

I once again was working on the upper forward fusalage assembly since I stopped in a previous section.  Now that I have most everything planned for the panel, I purchased the Symetrical Carbon Fiber Panel from Aerosport Products.  The plan is to have instruments from Advanced Flight Systems, 2 ofthe AF-5600 and a AF-5500 in the center.

Not being sure if the depth of the screens was going to be an issue, I decided to go ahead anyway and make the modifications to the upper ribs to make clearance.  In addition to the rib mods, I made a cut on the one side so that I can get wiring and other items behind the subpanel.  I think I will need to make one more cut in the center but am going to wait until I am sure it is needed.

Have all the modifications done, along with everything riveted together except for the actual riveting to the fuselage sides.  I am not going to do this until most of my wiring and instruments are ready for install.  That way I can still taka the upper fuselage portion off and work on it on the bench.

So for now, I am once again stopping on this section until I am more ready to rivet it in permanently.

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