Build Log RV-10 #1

Blog for a Vans RV-10 Airplane Build

Flap System

Today I finished up the flap system installation.  Started off by getting the holes marked and match drilled for the flap torque tube, flap crank and the flap horn.  Make sure that you take a bit of time to observe this.  There is a certain way that these go together and can be screwed up pretty easily.

Once I figured out the correct orientation, I attached te bellcrank jig to the flap horn, bolted the assembly to the table and drilled the bolt holes for the flap horn and flap crank.  then dissassembled and deburred. 

Moved on to fabricating 4 UHMW Bushings that go over the flap torque tubes and bolt onto the fuselage.  You only have to remove part of the blocks, but decided to take off all the acceptable areas and round the corners.  This took a bit of time but glad with the results.

Then installed the torque tubes into the fusalege and got the bushing blocks bolted into place.  Did not mark the parts after match drilling so I installed the the parts and then found they were wrong and had to start over swithing the torque tubes to the other side.  The torque tubes were then bolted to the flap crank and then bolted the flap arms to the torque tubes.  These are a bit tricky to do because of the small space to work on when installing the bolts in the flap arms.  Pain in the butt.  Got pretty good with a system since I got to do it twice.

I then fabricated the WD spacers from AT6 X 058 X 3/8 tubing for the flap motor attachement.  Drilled a hole in the end of the flap motor rod to accept safety wire.  Then bolted the flap motor assembly into the fuselage per the instructions.  Got everything attached and tested operation of the motor. Everything worked great with no binding. Another section completed.

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