Build Log RV-10 #1

Blog for a Vans RV-10 Airplane Build

Control System

This weekend I started working on tghe control system.  However, mad some mistakes and had to quit.

Started off by fabricating the elevator push tubes.  Got them cut to length the using the template, marked the holes to be drilled for riveting the threaded rod ends.  Holes were marked and drilled.  I did do both tubes at the same time so that I could get them coated on the inside with Akzo primer.  Made up a batch and poured inside getting them coated.  Set aside to dry and will finish riveting the ends in tomorrow.

Moved on to getting the jam nuts put on all rod end bearings. Then worked on the Aileron pushrods.  Installed the rod end bearings in each and all jams tightened to where the pieces are to the correct length.

I then started to work on the elevator idler arms and got them put together with clecos and then started to match drill.  For some reason I decided to not align the holes in the flange bearing and proceeded to drill completely new holes.  Once I realized this, time to stop and order a new flange bearing.  This probably was not a big deal but bothered me enough to set aside until new part arrives.

The pushrods then dried overnight so I installed and riveted the threade rod ends in and then got a coat of primer put on the oustide.  Again set aside for a day to let dry. 

While they were drying I moved on to the controls sticks.  Got the control stick base aligned up correctly and drilled to the control sticks.  This was a bit tricky but took my time and everything worked out good.

I then got the control column prepped and installed into the fuselage, bolted and torqued per specs.  Next was to get the control stick bases installed to the control column but there are a couple of bronze bushings that need to be opened up enough for a AN4 Bolt.  I did not have a reamer so I tried to use a 1/4 drill in a drill press to get them to the right size.  This ended in complete failure and ruined the bushings. 

Now that I have a couple of different pieces that I screwed up on and ruined. I am stopping with this section and will finish when I get new parts from Vans.

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