Build Log RV-10 #1

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Rudder Pedals and Brake Lines

My first decision with this section was to replace the brake pedals that came with the kit with a set of Sure Grip Pedals from Cleaveland Tools.  These have two seperate spots for your feet and decreases the chace that you would ride the brakes while taxing.  They are just plain stainless steel frames so I had them powder coated in chrome.  Turned out pretty good.

I also made the decision to not use the Vans brake hose setup.  Instead I used all braided lines custom made from Bonaco.  These hoses fit great, all where made to custom length with Brent at Bonaco now having a a complete set that you can order.  The lines come cut to length with the ends already on the hoses.  Definitely like this option much better than the ones Vans uses.

Once all replacement parts came in, I started installing the brake master cylinders to the pedals and the brake pedal sub assembly.  Then cut the bearing block in half that goes in the center of the sub assembly.  All holes were drilled according to the instructions.

The next step is to bolt the bearing blocks to the fuselage longeron.  There are two sets of holes that can be used depending on how close you prefer to have the pedals to the seat.  I chose the aft ones due to me being a bit vertically challenged.

Now that the pedals and assembly is installed, just have to run the brake lines and install the brake reservoir to the firewall.  This was pretty straight forward, just needed to find out which hose went where.

Then you are to hook up the pedals to the rudder cables.  When running these cables from the rear of the fuselage, make sure that you have the correct end going to the front.  Also, make sure that you cross the cables once they pass through the first set of snap bushings.  The snap bushing will need to be removed from the holse and squeezed a bit to allow the rudder cable end to pass through, then they can be pushed back in to place.

Made the four rudder cable links and installed as directed by the manual.  That was it, pretty straight forward and simple.  Went fairly quick also.

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Brake Lines

When it came to installing the brake lines.  I made the decision to include a parking brake system from Matco.  This can be ordered in a full kit from Airward.  Comes with everything you need including mount for the firewall.

In additon to this, I decided to not use the Vans supplied brake lines and go with a braided set that I had made by Bonaco.  This was a great decision.  Brent from Bonaco did a great job and now has a set as part of his catalog so you do not need the measurements, he now has them.

Installation was pretty quick and easy, just need to find out which hose goes where and then tighten them down.  All done and looks great.

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