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Interior Lights

A full write up on interior lighting will come hopefully soon. 

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Landing Lights - Duckworks and AeroLED

Due to many other builders having issues with the factory placement of the landing lights in the end of the wingtips, I chose to forgo the factory option and utilize a kit made by Duckworks Aviation.

This kit moves the landing lights from the wingtips and puts them just inboard of the wing end into the leading edge.  Installing is a straight forward process but is a bit nerve racking cutting a hole in the front of wing leading edge.  There are many kits from Duckworks that fit different lighting options.  I chose the blank mount so I could cut and do my own mounting of the landing lights. The landing lights I will be installing are the Sunlite from AeroLED.  Besides the bit of cutting I will have to do for the light mounting, the kit is very complete and nothing else is needed to complete.

Starting out is to cut the hole in the leading edge using a supplied template.  I cutout the template and taped to the leading edge, marked and cut with a dremel and cutoff wheel.  Finished off the edges with a file and sanding wheel on the dremel.

Next is to mark holes that need to be drilled for nutplates in two of the most outboard wing ribs.  These nutplates will be used to hold the landing light mounts that will go between the two outer ribs.  Got these drilled and the nutplates were riveted in place.

The landing light mount needs to be cut and extended using some aluminum angle.  This is so that you can get a perfect fit of the mount between the wing ribs.  Very easy to do, just takes a bit of time to get the width perfect. Once I got the fit right, the mount was riveted together.  I then measured for the cutout for the landing light and mount and got everything cut and mounted.

I then moved onto getting the pieces that hold the leading edge lenses in place match drilled to the skin.  There is one for the top and one for the bottom.  The top one is riveted into place and the bottom one will have screws that hold the lens in place.

With the lense holders in place, I cut the lenses for the opening per the instructions.  Tried to cut with a band saw and got the first one right to the end and it snapped.  Had to order a new lens.  Chose to use a dremel and cutoff wheel after that and it worked great.  The lenses need to be trimmed just perfect to fit in the top and bottom holders or there will be a gap between the leading edge and the lens.  This takes a lot of trial and error but take your time and it will all work out.

The final part is to install the landing light mounts between the wing ribs with screws. Then to install the lenses. This is a bit tricky because you need to get the lens in the top mount, the using tape placed on the outside of the lens, pull it forward and then try to get the bottom mount in place and screws started.  This was a real pain but eventually got them in and done.

Hooked the lights up to a battery to see how they worked and if the amount of light would be sufficient.  I think they will be just fine.

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