Build Log RV-10 #1

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Firewall Construction

Started January 20, 2011

Sarted the firewall section with clecoing and final drilling the holes that attach the F-1001K recess to itself.  Remember when these get dimpled that the flush heads shoudl be on the front of the firewall assembly and the inside face of the recess.  Dimpled and riveted the recess to itself.

Clecoed the upper angle, lower channel, right side angle, center angles, diagonal angles, gussets, recess, left side angle, tri gear bracket, upper firewall brackets, lowever firewall brackets and the nose gear tension fittings to the firewall bulkhead.

All parts are now clecoed to the firewall so I finished final drilling all the nutplate attach holes and the screw holes.  Then final drilled all the remaining holes between the parts that were just clecoed to the firewall.

Disassembled all parts and dimpled flush head on forward side all rivet holes in the web of the firewall.  Countersunk the parts the alay against the web of the firewall for the dimples in the firewall bulkhead.  Prepped and primed all aluminum parts.

Re-assembled the firewall assembly as I did before and clecoed all the nutplates in place. Riveted all the parts in place per instructions.

Marked and drilled the hole in the forward fusalge rib as called out in the instructions. Then using this hole match drilled the scat tube support, then final drilled the nutplates to the support.  Dimpled the screw holes for #8 screw and primed the support.

Riveted the nutplates in place one dry.

Clecoed the nose gear tension fittings, center angles and forward fuselage ribs together.  Again did both left and right at the same time.

Final drilled all common holes and counter sunk the rudder pedal brace attach holes on the INBOARD face of the center angle.

Clecoed the assemblies together and inserted the flanged ducts in the heat duct tee. Then final drilled all common holes. Disassembled, deburred, prepped and primed all parts.

Clecoed the parts back together and riveted per call outs.  Installed the snap bushings and sealed up all gaps around the recess.

One thing I did on the firewall was change out the cabin heat selector boxes.  The ones that come with the kit are made of aluminum and that made me feel a bit uneasy.  So I ordered stainless steel ones from Plane Innovations.

One more section to mark off the done list.

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