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Mid Fuse Ribs and Bottom Skins

Started January 4, 2011

Section 26 consists of construction the mid fuse ribs and bottom fuse skins.

This section starts by cutting apart the F-1066C reinforcing angles. Cleco the seat belt attach bar, reinforcing angles, forward seat belt anchor, scat tube flange and the guide brackets to the inboard seat rib which creates the inboard seat rib assemblies.

Final drilled all the nutplate attach holes in the seat belt attach bars and the inboard seat ribs and also all the nutplate screw holes per call out in instructions.

Match drilled #30 the holes in the forward seat belt anchor using the inboard seat rib and seat belt attach bars as the drill guide.  Final drilled  the remaining holes common to the seat belt attach bars, reinforcing angles, forward seat belt anchor and the inboard seat ribs.

Since the left and right are the same, I did both at the same time.

Disassembled all the parts, deburred the holes and edges, dimpled the screw holes along the upper edges of the inboard seat ribs for #8 screw along with the nutplate attach holes and countersunk the seat belt attach bars for the dimples in the seat ribs that coincide with the holes that will attach the nutplates.   Then dimpled the attach holes in the K100-08 and MS21053-L08 nutplates.  Prepped and primed all the parts.

Now that the parts are dry I am clecoing the nutplates and seat belt attach bars onto the seat ribs and riveted in place.  The rest of the parts are now clecoed together except the reinforcing angles. 

Before riveting, make sure that the "Leave Open" holes are marked or taped over.  Then riveted the seat belt attach bars, guide bracket, forward seat belt anchor, scat tube and the nutplates to the inboard seat ribs.  Watch that the rivets are in the right orientation.  Now the reinforcing angles can be riveted to the seat belt attach bars, seat belt anchors and inboard ribs.  Last step was to insert the snap bushings into the guide bracket.

Construction of the outboard seat assembly starts with remove the tabs on the two remaining seat belt anchors and making a radius on the lower edge.  Once tab is removed I clecoed them and the forward seat belt anchors to the outboard seat ribs.

Now that they are clecoed, final drilled all the nutplate attach holes in the trimmed seat belt anchor and outboard seat rib.  Drill the 1/4" hole in the forward seat belt anchor, seat belt attach bar and outboard seat rib.  All other common holes I drilled to #30.

Cut apart the spacers and labeled each.  Clecoed the intercostal seat rib and space to outboard seat rib.  Final drilled all common holes to #40 along with the nutplate attache holes.  Drilled the nuplate screw holes to #19.

Disassemble all parts and to the norm, deburr, dimple, prep and prime.  Once again the left and right are just mirrored parts so did build on both sides at the same time.

Assembled all the parts back together per instructions to make the left and right outboard seat ribs.

Section 26-4 starts with breaking apart the flap motor attach angles.  Final drill the holes in the flap actuator bracket and then disassemble.  Then clecoed the flap actuator bracket to the inboard seat ribs and final drilled.  Disassembled and primed all parts.

Got the heat duct tee into the scat tube flanges. riveted the nutplates and clecoed the sub-assembly to the aft center section bulkhead assembly.  Riveted the rest of the aft center bulkhead with is the beginning of what looks like a fuselage.

Fluted the lower flange of the F-1015A seat ribs.  This is really needed as the bottom skin is curved and the fluting makes in follow this curve.  I fluted and compared to the bottom skin as I went along to make sure that the amount of fluting was enough.  I then clecoed all seat ribs to the rear spar bulkhead and final drilled all holes to #30.

Remember that the rivets that attach this flange to the rear spar bulkhead are AN426AD4 and the the flush head goes on the aft side of the rear spar bulkhead underneath the F-1005C side channels.

Cut apart the seat belt attach ribs adn teh seat belt attach lugs.  Clecoed in place and final drilled. Finished final drilling all holes between seat ribs and bulkhead.  Disassembled the parts and deburred, prepped and primed.

Clecoed everything back together and riveted them in place per instructions.

Now that the seat ribs are on, I clecoed the fuselage bulkhead assembly onto the aft side of the seat ribs, final drilled and then riveted in place. 

Clecoed the baggage ribs and final drilled to the fuselage bulkhead assembly.  Deburred and primed these ribs and the clecoed back in place.  Before riveting the ribs to the bulkhead I installed the step mounting brackets.  Then I dimpled the holes common between the upper flange of the inboard most left and right seat sub-assemblies and the upper flange of the fuselage bulkhead.

Now that all ribs are in place it is time to cleco the bottom skins in place to the ribs and the bulkheads. Then clecoed the floor stiffeners to the center bottom skin, aft center bulkhead and rear spar bulkhead. Final drilled all holes to #40 and final drilled #30 the holes in the upper flanges of the floor stiffeners.

Removed the skins and deburred all holes and edges.  Countersunk the aft center section bulkhead assembly holes common to the center bottom skin. Dimpled the remaining holes in the ribs and bottom skins.

Primed all parts and then riveted everything in place per the instructions.

Another Section Done.  Yippee!

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