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Autopilot Roll Servo

While I am waiting for the sealant to dry on the trailing edge of the flaps, I took the time tonight to install the roll servo in the right wing for the autopilot syststem.

The roll servo kit contains all the necessary hardware and brackets for the installation.  However, the instructions are not very good.  Once completed they make much more sense but at first they are a bit scarce.

Started off with attaching the large bracket to the servo.  This bracket will actually replace the lower bellcrank bracket.  You have the option to install the bolts with lock washers or safety wire them.  I chose to do both, can't hurt and adds that little bit of extra safety. Then also attached the upper bracket to the servo that will be also mounted with the top bellcrank bracket using the same bolt for both pieces.  I then attached the stop plate to the servo.  Remember to put a AN960-10 washer between the plate and the servo for spacing.   I did do all this before installing it onto the wing spar.

I then attached the rod end bearing to tehe servo arm with a AN3-6A bolt and the included washers.  Prewtty straight forward. Also did the same with teh attach plate that is to be attached to the bellcrank bracket. Just installed finger tight on this rod end bearing till the pushrod is attached.

Now that I most of the stuff I could do on the bench is done, I remvoed the lower bellcrank bracket and installe servo and bracket in its place.  Decided to replace all the bolts with new ones.  Removed the upper bellcrand bracket bolt, the one towards the outboard side and slid the upper servo bracket in and reinstalled the bolt.

Installed the attach plate onto the bellcrank with and tightened.  Then with a #10 drill bit I drilled the second hole for the bracket and installed a AN3-3A bolt.

The last piece to go on is the push rod.  Installed on serve end first the attached the other rod end bearing then bolted that to the attach bracket.

Finalized it all up by torquing the bolts and that was it.  Will wire it later when doing the rest of the wings.  I had a harness built by Stein Air so it is just a matter of running the harness.

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