Build Log RV-10 #1

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Aileron Actuation

Started October 1, 2010 18 hours

The next step in the construction process is to get the bottom wing skins on.  After looking at others construction process and reading the the manual, it seemed that it would be a better choice to jump forward to the aileron actuation part first.  Seems as though it would be much easier to get these at least installed and set while you can still get into the wing.

 I am going to do the regular install of the actuation system and have decided to add aileron trim, so will be doing that install also before closing up the bottom of the wings.

Not much to say here.  The directions and pics are pretty straight foward.  The only thing to watch is to make sure that you put the torque tube in the correct way.  The small difference when drilling torque tube subassemblies make a difference.  If they are in the wrong way they contact the inner wing rib and does not allow enough throw.

I did finish up the ailerons and then came back to this step and attached the pushrods to the bellcrank and the aileron bracket.

This step is now finished.

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