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Transition Training

Since my build is getting closer and closer to an actual airplane I decided to travel to Vernonia, OR to get some transition training from Mike Seager.  Mike is a recommended flight instructor of Vans Aircraft and has been doing this type of work for over 35 years.  

I flew into Portland, rented a car and drove to Vernonia.  What a beautiful place.  The scenery in Oregon is incredible.    Vernonia is a small town and has no hotels so I decided to rent a room at the Old Mill House Inn Bed and Breakfast.  That was also a great choice as it is a very nice place to stay with very warming hosts.

Mike fly the Vans factory RV-10 back to Vernonia for us to use over the three days of training.  Was nice to see the factory plane up close to see how they did different areas of construction.  The reason for all the weird close up pictures. 

Anyway, the three days of training went great even though the weather was not the best.  Got in almost ten hours of flying.  Learning every different type of flight configurations of this plane.  All I can say is WOW, this is a great flying machine.  Really makes me excited to get my aircraft done and flying. 

If you are contemplating transition training, stop and go get it.  The RV-10 is a handful to fly if you have never experience high performance aircraft.  I have over 3000 hours and it was the best time and money spent.  I have absolutely no fears or reservations now on taking mine up for the first time.  Hope this comes in the next couple weeks.  Yeh!! 

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