Build Log RV-10 #1

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First Flight - This thing actually flies!

Did this day really happen?  It has been a couple weeks now and it still has not totally sunk in.  When you look back at years of construction and all the major milestones, it is amazing of what comes from all this work each and everyone of us put into these projects.  The sense of accomplishment is overwhelming.  And I finally get to realize that all the work, time and frustrations over the last years, are all now worth every bit.

This came to realization this last Saturday,  9/28/2013 when my RV-10 left the ground for the first time after 4 1/2 years of building.

For years I have been reading stories of others first flights and the feelings that brought, thinking will I ever experience that.  All I can say is I have, and so much more.  As everyone before me have said, these are great aircraft. Note to those still building - get back to work and get that airplane done.

Maybe someday in the far out future, this new RV Grin may fade, but very little.  I think I will have it every time I fly it.

Here are a few pics.  I am working on getting  the video footage (I will post when done) put together but may be a bit, have an aircraft that needs to be flown.

And the Grin

Click on the images below and you will find a whole mess of other pics.  No video as of yet, but coming.