Build Log RV-10 #1

Blog for a Vans RV-10 Airplane Build

First Engine Start

This weekend turned out to have another great milestone achieved.  I was finally at a state to try to get the engine fired up for the first time. 

I had John Klein, the A&P from Tri State that is located at our home field stop out and monitor in case we had any issues.   

At the first try we did have a small issue with a fuel line that leaked in the cabin tunnel area.  John was able to reach in and get it tightened up. 

Made a couple of attempts at a start with no luck and realized that you need to have the ignition switches turned on first.  Felt kind of dumb on that one.  Turned the ignition switches on and it fires right up.  Couple of small adjustments to idle and mixture and ran really good.   

Had a couple of small issues with exhaust leaks but were easily fixed.  Also had a issue with the prop not cycling but did finally get it to cycle.  Had to use higher RPM to help get it primed. 

Below is a video of the start.  A  bit boring but shows what happened.