Build Log RV-10 #1

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Painting the Wings

This last weekend I decided to tackle one of the wings.  Was not sure how it would go so I decided not to try and get both wings done at the same time. 

When applying the Sherwin Williams Aerospace Acry Glo you have certain time frames between coats and colors.  That is what concerned me the most.  

One you get apply the corrosion protection epoxy/primer you have 72 hours to get the base coat of paint sprayed.  Then once the base coat is applied, you have 24 hours to do the striping, which consists of three different colors for my scheme, and then apply the clear coat.  This cuts it pretty close so I used an accelerator to speed up the tape time on the 3 metallic color that are applied.

Got one of the wings done and think it is turning out pretty good.  Not absolutely perfect but for an amateur, cannot complain. 

Check out the pics below and you can see the progress in the full gallery.   ( More pics will be coming as I get more done.)