Build Log RV-12

Vertical Stabilizer and Rudder

Back at it again.  On todays build schedule it is planned to finish off the vertical stabilizer and get the rudder built.

From the last build, we only had to rivet the skin on the vertical stabilizer so a few of us finished up that while the rest of the group began the construction of the rudder.

Once again, the group made a lot of ground and accomplished a lot of the work.  Everyone is catching on to the basic building skills.  In addition, each person takes on a responsibility for a certain area of the piece that is being built.

The night ended with buttoning up the vertical stabilizer (first completed piece, Yeh!) and the rudder was not to complicated so that also was completely finished.

Another great night of accomplishment.

Vertical Stabilizer

Today was the first actual build day.  Since everybody in the group is still learning some of the building trades it was decided that we should all work on the vertical stabilizer for a while before starting separate components.

All parts were gathered and we each took a piece to debur and file all the rough edges.  Before long the pieces were really coming together.

Since we only had a few hours for this build time there was no way it was getting finished.  However but the end of the evening we had the complete skeleton filed, match drilled, deburred and riveted together.  We then temporarily checked the fit of the outer skin and left the rest for our next build day.

Was very cool to see it come together.  Utilizing the pop rivets sure does make things go much quicker.

Vans Tool Box Kit Build

The second day of our build agenda was to start working on the Vans Tool Box Kit.  This kit is designed to teach the basics of aircraft aluminum construction.  During the construction you learn the different types of rivets that are used, types of aluminum, working with hinges and other building techniques.

We gathered in groups of two, one adult and one teenager and worked together to build and learn.  Things were going well so we continued until the tool boxes were complete.

The toolboxes will be used to keep each groups personal items, safety glasses, gloves, earplugs etc. 

At the end of the day, everybody had some self satisfaction on what they had just accomplished.  The kits were a great learning tool.

The next build date is scheduled for this coming Tuesday.  This is when we will actually be starting the build on the RV-12.

First Day of RV-12 Build

Been a long time since there has been any updates on the Aviator Built program.  The day has finally come where we are able to start.

The first crate containing the empennage portion of the aircraft.  The fuselage and the wing kits are on order and will hopefully be delivered in the next few weeks.

For our first day we had everybody help with re-organizing the hangar and inventory of the empennage kit. 

Now that this is complete, we are going to start the build this weekend.  Yeh!