Building log of a Vans RV-10 Experimental Aircraft. 

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Welcome to the newly updated home page for Brian's RV-10. This site chronicles my ongoing progress as I build a Van's RV-10. It flies, but are they ever finished?

Vans RV-12

Now that the RV-10 is done and flying along with enjoying the heck out of it, I am now going through build withdrawals so decided to start a new program to build another plane, the Vans RV-12.  Come and check out the program and progress at AviatorBuilt.com

9/28/2013, N413BS leaves the ground for the first time.

4 1/2 years in the making and I finally get to reap the rewards of all the work I am put in over these years.  With the company of my wife, kids and great friends, this thing can officially be called an airplane.

Now on to Phase I.  40 hours of testing in a 100 mile radius.  With the weather permitting I hope to get these hours flown off in the next month or two.   

Then over the winter when the weather is not so nice, I can work on getting the rest of interior and small cosmetic things finished up.  However, I think these are never 100% done.   For now, I look forward to getting it in the air and enjoying what I just spent over 4 years constructing.

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You can see the current progress of my build below.   

A collection of pics from the first flight.

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